Treehouse holiday

What is it about treehouses?

A little magic is all it takes to stand out from the rest.

Maybe it’s the childhood memories of freedom. The joy of discovering you could get away from the people who are continually keeping an eye on you and simply be whoever you want to be. A treehouse gave you the ability to be a pirate, a conservationist, a sniper, a hermit writer, a lolly scoffer, or whatever you felt like being. You could go there alone or invite friends to join you and shut the world out by rising to another plane. You had the ultimate escape pod, elevated with a unique view on the world, a haven for inspiration.

It’s something that stays with us for life. We all love the exhilaration of being at the top of the Sky Tower, a mountain, a cliff or even a ferry. And we’d totally love it if we could build a private retreat in such an elevated position.

We recently spent some time at Byron Bay, a beautiful beachside town south of Brisbane. We got to stay at a place next to a coastal strip that’s a national park. There’s nothing between you and the ocean beach but trees, birds and wildlife. You could stay in one of the apartments as we did. They had private balconies and lovely views. But someone had decided to build a handful of treetop houses amongst the forest on the property. Not just little treehouses, but two-bedroom, multi-level houses that rose above the canopy with the living area and deck on the very top floor. One was between guests and we jumped at the offer to have a look through. Absolutely gorgeous, spectacular views and all that simple, uncomplicated magic you felt as a child came flooding back as quickly as your cares washed away.

This was special. Someone building this holiday accommodation had dared to think, you know what, I can add a little magic here and create an experience people will never forget. It’s the kind of thinking that tends to set one business apart from the rest.

If a beachside treehouse holiday is just what you need, check out the Oasis Apartments and Treetop Houses in Byron Bay.