Mt Eden summit view

How to walk to the summit of Mount Eden

We live right next to Mount Eden (Maungawhau). It’s one of Auckland’s 50+ monogenetic volcanoes; possibly the most famous, although One Tree Hill might disagree with that. As  locals who often stroll the streets around the mountain, we’re frequently stopped by tourists wanting to know how to find or get to the Mount Eden summit.

You see, the Mt Eden summit walk isn’t quite as obvious as everyone would like. While there are various ways to walk up the mountain, they aren’t immediately visible from Mount Eden Road.  And if you’re walking towards the mountain from Symonds Street, the summit can’t really be seen. It’s no wonder visitors get confused about how to find the mystical mountain top.

Mt Eden summit view
This is why you want to walk to the summit of Mt Eden; one of Auckland’s best views.

What’s more, you can’t drive up the mountain, however there are parking areas at the eastern and southern ends of Puhi Huia Road. The mountain also has a brand new set of public toilets where the tourist buses park in Puhi Huia Road.

There’s a great new cafe close to the bus park on the mountain, Whau Cafe, as well as a fresh fruit ice cream shop. These food businesses are housed within the historic kiosk building, which was built in 1926.

NEWS! A boardwalk has been constructed around the crater rim of Mt Eden. Now you can walk right around the crater without damaging the sensitive tuff ring. Please remember it is illegal to climb down into the crater.

Here’s a quick guide to finding a Mount Eden walking track that suits you.

  • The mountain exists within a park called Mount Eden Domain. Stick that into your Google Maps app and you’ll soon see where the mountain stands. If you’re catching a bus from downtown Auckland, get off at stop 8504 on Mt Eden Road, then start walking south towards the mountain.

    Mt Eden Road tram stop
    The historic tram stop on Mt Eden Road.
  • Summit road: The easiest and most obvious way up is to take the summit road – actually called Puhi Huia Road. It’s accessible from the western (Mount Eden Road) side of the mountain, as well as from the eastern (Clive Road) side. If you’re approaching the mountain from Mt Eden Road, look for the historic tram shelter.
  • Tahaki Reserve stone steps: From the eastern corner of the playground in Tahaki Reserve (at the northern end of Mount Eden Domain), you’ll find a flight of stone steps leading up hill. This is probably the quickest way up Mount Eden. It leads to a dog exercise area that is adjacent to the Puhi Huia Road roundabout.
  • Batger Road track: You’ll find a walking track up the mountain at the end of Batger Road, which is close to Mount Eden Village. This is a very pleasant way to get up the mountain. Whenever you get to a fork, just keep heading uphill. You can’t miss the summit.
  • Owens Road track: At the southern end of Mount Eden Domain, you can get to the mountain from a walking track accessible from the bend in Owens Road. Look for the sign.
  • Glenfell Place steps: At the end of Glenfell Place is a flight of steps leading up to the summit road. If you take these steps, you’re half way to the summit. It’s a great cardio workout. When you reach the summit road, you have the choice of continuing straight ahead (and up) on an off-road track or turning left and taking the easy-going road route.
  • Secret route: Next to the intersection of Mount Eden Road and Hillside Crescent is a park with big ol’ trees. Behind the trees is another path up the mountain. It isn’t signposted, but it’ll get you there.
Mt eden
A map of Mount Eden, taken from Google Maps

Image credits: Google Maps

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